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Gear Hobs, Stock Hobs,Hob Cutters,Standard Involute and Custom made Gear Hobs,Fresas Madre - CTI

GEAR HOBS CTI produces ultra precision Gear Hobs for cutting Spur and Helical Gears of maximum accuracy. Each tool is designed to meet specification with any type of profile modification like protuberance, chamfering,topping and tip relief.  Hobs are supplied in single or multi-starts generally according to profile DIN 3972 in Class AA, A and B as per DIN 3968. Pre Shaving Hobs,Roughing Gear Hobs and Pre Grinding Gear Hobs are also supplied as per customer's requirement. Module:       0.1 to 40    ( 24 mm to 360mm diameter )DP:            120 DP to 0.7


Spline Hobs Manufacturer | Involute Spline and Straight Sided Spline Hobs - Capital Tool Industries

INVOLUTE SPLINE HOBS AND STRAIGHT SPLINE HOBS   Straight Sided or Parallel Sided Hobs and Involute Spline Hobs are supplied for generating parallel or angular splines, straight or helical splines with profile modifications like semi topping, undercutting, shoulder clearance, etc. Involute Spline Hobs as per DIN 5480, 5481 & 5482, NFE 22 141, ANSI B92.1 Spline Hobs for Power Take Off PTO Shafts according to DIN 9611 .Parallel Spline Hobs with or without lugs, chamfer, semi-topping and shoulder clearance.


Chain Sprocket Hobs,Timing Pulley Hobs, Hob cutters for Timing Belt Pulleys,Roller Chain for Sprockets

CHAIN SPROCKET HOBS AND TIMING PULLEY HOBS Roller Chain Sprocket Hobs are supplied as per ANSI, BS, IS or any other standards or with non-standard forms. These hobs are offered with ground or unground profiles and topping or non-topping designs.Timing Belt Pulley Hobs are made to cut various types of Timing Pulleys like- Syncroflex- UNIROYAL , Powergrip GT- HTD - According to DIN 7721 , ISO 52


Worm Gear Hobs | Worm Wheel Hobs - Capital Tool Industries

WORM WHEEL HOBS Tangential, radial, topping or non-topping hobs,Single or Multi Start and special reaming type finishing hobs are also offered.


Involute Gear Cutters for Roughing,Rack and Worm Milling Cutters - Capital Tool Industries

GEAR CUTTERS Single Gear Cutters – from 0.1 to 55 Module, 120 to 0.5 DP for specific number of teeth or in sets of 8 cutters.When ordering single gear finishing cutters, the cutter number or the number of teeth to be cut must be specified. Stepped Gear Roughing Cutters are available in Alternating Plain and Serrated form for faster roughing of large gears from 10 Module to 55 Module and upto 0.5 DP. End Mill Type Gear Cutters are supplied in Roughing and Finishing forms with straight and Involute profiles. These are generally designed for a specific number of teeth for better profile. Rack and Worm Thread Milling Cutters with straight teeth for the straight flank roughing of Gears,Racks and Worms. Rack Tooth Gang Cutters or Multiple Rack Milling Cutters are also supplied with several tooth rows for the simultaneous machining of several tooth gaps.


Spline Milling Cutters,Form Milling Cutters,Sprocket Milling Cutters and Timing Pulley Cutters Manufacturer - Capital Tool Industries

FORM MILLING CUTTERS CTI produces Form Milling Tools for all types of applications based on customers specifications. Whether standard or custom non-standard we have a solution for everything. We manufacture tooth-form cutters, spline milling cutters and thread-milling cutters to print. Spline Milling Cutters for Straight and Involute Splines with/without lugs. Form Milling Cutters for Spline Shaft profiles to DIN / ISO 14, DIN 5480,DIN 5482,DIN 5464,DIN5471,5472,Serrated shafts,p.t.o shafts to DIN 9611. Sprocket Cutters designed for cutting sprocket teeth of roller-chain wheels according to BS, ASA and DIN standards-DIN 8187,DIN 8188. Milling Cutters and Hobs for Timing Belt Pulleys-DIN 7721,ISO 5294- XL, L, H, XH, XXH and many other profiles.


Quality Helical & Spur Gear Shaper Cutters - Capital Tool Industries

GEAR SHAPER CUTTERS CTI designs and manufactures spur and helical gear shaper cutters to produce all types of internal and external Gears, Splines, Sprockets and Timing Pulleys.  Custom made shaping cutters to cut pre shaved and pre ground gears with profile modifications like protuberance and semi topping can be supplied.Shaper cutters can be supplied in following types:Disc TypeDeep Counter Bore Hub TypeShank type The above cutters are available in the following range of dimensions and specifications:Module – 0.5 to 20 ModuleDP- 50 to 1.25 DPMax diameter -300mm ( 12” )Accuracy: AA, A and B as per DIN 1829Material: High Speed Steel grade M35, M4, ASP 2030 and ASP 2052Coatings: TiN,TiCN,TiAlN to enhance tool life upto 10 times.


Capital Tool Industries - Trusted Gear Shaving Cutters Manufacturer

GEAR SHAVING CUTTERS and MASTER GEARS Gear Shaving Cutters are precision ground for finishing pre-hobbed or pre-shaped gears. All tools are supplied with inspection and lead test charts. Types: Conventional, diagonal & underpass RANGE: 0.8-8 Module and 30-3 DP170 mm to 260 mm PCD. Profiles: Standard Involute, Tip Relief, Profile and Lead Crowning, Special profiles as per customer’s requirement.MATERIAL: M2, ASP 2023 and ASP 2030. MASTER GEARS-Spur and Helical, Precision Spline Gages are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  


Spline Broaches-Involute and Straight Sided splines,Serration Broaches,Keyway broaches,Round,Flat and Form broaches - Capital Tool Industries

BROACHES We are fully equipped to manufacture both standard and special Broaches in either push or pull styles, including all types of round broaches, Spline broaches, keyway broaches, internal hole, and surface broaches. Broaches are made to suit component specifications, customer's machine and holder details. Different internal profiles are undertaken for manufacture like: o Splines - involute, parallel and trapezoidal o Serrations o Roundo Hexagonal o Rectangular o Ratchet etc. Spline Broaches, Round broaches, Keyway broaches and special form broaches for internal hole can be had on request.

Capital Tool Industries - Finest Gear Cutting Tools,Gear Hobs,Shaper Cutters,Spline Broaches,Milling Cutters,Shaving Cutters,Form Tools

Capital Tool Industries is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools since 1966. We specialize in the manufacture of Gear Hobs, Worm Gear Hobs, Involute Gear Cutters, Gear Shaper Cutters, Gear Shaving Cutters,Spline Broaches,Master Gears, Maag and Sunderland Rack Type Cutters & all types of Form Milling Cutters.

Gear cutting tool design and production requires much specialized knowledge, which has been acquired and refined over generations. Computer aided design/manufacture allows rapid assessment of individual cutting requirements and ideal optimization of all variables for maximum cutter effectiveness.Our commitment to quality and timely delivery distinguishes Capital Tool Industries as one of the World's premier Gear Tool manufacturer.



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